Frequently asked questions:

What shampoo and conditioner is best to use on the hair? 

To protect the integrity of your investment, we recommend sulfate & paraben free shampoos. Authentic beauty Concepts Glow line give the perfect gentle cleanse while not stripping the hair completely of its moisture.

How long does the hair last?

With proper care and maintenance our raw hair last 3-5 years

What kind of lace are the frontals and closures made of?

HD Swiss transparent lace

Can I color or lift the hair?

The hair can be colored and bleached to the highest level of blondes without damaging. Please consult a licensed professional to color your extensions.

What size closure is best for me?

This depends on the type of install you choose. 2-3 bundles are needed for a fulls ew-in. 

Should I shampoo the hair before initial use?

Yes. Please shampoo, condition and air dry your bundles prior to having them installed. Always use a moistrizing leave-in conditioner, such as Mizhani moisture milk, or its 10 prior to styling.

How often should I shampoo the hair?

Raw hair tangles whe it needs to be shampooed. It requires a little more maintenacne than virgin hair, but is more natural.

How many bundles do I need for my install?

2-3 bundles for a nice full install. 2 bundles for a partial