One thing 2020 taught a lot of us is that religing on one income is highly unstable. We get it. What better business to start than a beauty brand. Tap into a $532 billion dollar industry!

Our wholesale program allows you the opportunity to start with a purchase minimum of 10 bundles at a discounted price so that you can profit, while not requiring too much to get your brand off on the right foot.  Simply fill out the registration form on the contact page providing the information below:

First, and Last name


Phone number

Business name

IG Handle


Once your email is recieved and reviewed support will reach out with your invoice for your non-refundable annual enrollment admin/membership fee of $99. Once the admin fee is paid you can expect to recieve your personalized wholesale package to begin placing your wholesale orders immediately.

Wholesale order ship within 3-7 Businss days with the exception of holidays. We do not offer same day pick up or delivery on wholesale orders as of yet.